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Kerala state is going to polls on 13 April 2011. Two coalition fronts of political parties are the main contestants. One is the ruling Left Democratic Front (LDF) and the other is the opposition, the United Democratic Front (UDF). The LDF is led by  Communist Party (Marxist) of India (CPM), the partners being  Communist Party of India (CPI), RSP etc. The UDF is led by Indian National Congress, the partners being Muslim League. Kerala Congress etc. Since 1982 onwards the two fronts are sharing power by ruling the state alternately for 5 years. When one front rules for 5 years people become fed up with corruption, social injustice and communal favoritism practiced by the front. Both the fronts are controlled by the forward communities, the Nairs and Christians (Roman Catholics, the Orthodox and Mar Thoma subhas) who make only 20% of population of Kerala. The OBCs (Ezhavas, Muslims, Nadars and Latin Catholics) and SC/ST who make 80% of the population are sidelined. When UDF rules, Muslims get some justice as Muslim League is one of the partners of the front. Even though Muslim League is coalition partner their bargaining power is very low as the LDF will not take them as partner. For instance they are unable to rectify the sabotaged job reservation policy practiced in the state for the last 50 years.
` The commonality of the two fronts  discussed below will make it clear that both LDF and UDF protect only the interests of the upper casts and that both promote social injustice.
After enacting the partial land reforms act, both congress and communist parties did not bother to implement it. Out of the 5 lakh acres (2.0 lakh hectares) identified so far only 85,000 acres (35000 hectares) could be distributed. In 1980 all the parties joined hands to pass the settlement or ‘ishta dana’ bill by which the  sale of surplus land registered as gift by the land lords was regularised.  Thus, 31years ago even the partial land reforms act was defeated. Even the original act was only partial as it exempted lakhs of hectares of land under plantation crops( rubber, coffee, tea and cardamom) from the act without any valid reason. More than 80% of the plantations are owned by the Christian lobby.
Government lease lands not taken over even after expiry of lease period.
Moreover, though lakhs of hacteres of government land under plantations are illegally owned by private sector. The lease period of  these plantations for 99 years has expired during the last 15 to 20 years, Yet these estates  are not being taken over by both LDF and UDFgovernments. Actually these lands have to be distributed to the landless agricultural workers. Even Tatas and Goenkas are owners of these estates. It is alleged that both communist parties and congress party are getting huge ransom by blackmailing these estate owners.
Tribal (Adivasi) land not retrieved even after Supreme Court order
In spite of Supreme Court order, for the last many years congress and  communist parties are not restoring tribal lands to the scheduled tribes. By various means tribal lands have gone in to the possession of the Christians. Church also played important role in  cheating the tribes, the ‘Adivasis’.
In appointments by public service commissions
As for as job reservation is concerned Congress and Communist parties are against it. Job reservation for the SC/ST and OBC remains sabotaged since 40 to 50 years.  In appointment by the state public service commission by misinterpreting the rules appointments are made in such a way that 50% of the appointments go to the forward communities who make only 20% of the population. Even if a candidate belonging to SC/ST or OBC category gets firs rank in the PSC list he will be placed in the reservation quota  of 50%, not in the merit quota. Even a recent directive of the Supreme Court that the state government can issue an order to clarify the point to stop the wrong practice remain ignored. In fact the Kerala High Court ordered stopping of the practice. But the LDF government forced the PSC to appeal to Supreme Court.  Manifestos of both UDF and LDF are silent about the issue.
Absence of job reservation in government aided  schools and colleges.
In the state 62 % of the educational institutions are in private sector in which  for the last 40 years salaries and pension benefits  of teachers and nonteaching staff are paid directly by government. In addition to that, other grants are also given for making buildings and for maintenance. These institutions are called aided schools and colleges.  For college teachers UGC  pay scales are given.There 1.5 lakh teachers in the government aided schools and colleges. Though salaries and pension benefits of teachers In these institutions are paid by government, job reservation for SC/ST and OBC is not implemented. In the aided schools and colleges. In the aided schools strength of SC/ST teachers is less than 0.6%. Actual representation should have been 15%  Government does not have data on the percentage OBC teachers. Ezhavas, Muslims, Nadars and Latin Catholics (OBCs) get appointment in the schools and colleges owned by their communities. But these schools and colleges are very small in number compared to the number of schools and colleges owned by the Christian and Nair communities.  Money that should have gone to the  dalit and backward households is being looted by the upper casts and forward community Christians  for the last 40 years. The loot amounts to at least 2 lakh crores. This illegal system is  the joint brain child of congress and communist parties.
6200 crores of black money generated
There is one more evil side for the  system. Management of aided private schools and colleges sell the posts teaching and non teaching positions, invariably to members of the community to which the school belongs. The bribe taken ranges from Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 25 lakhs depending on weather the post is that of a primary teacher or that of a college lecturer.  Annually around  6200 posts are filled. It is reasonable to assume the mean amount of bribe to be Rs 10 lakhs per post. This money is unaccounted balc kmoney.  The black money thus generated by the management of aided private schools and colleges work out to Rs 620 crores annually. Over a period of 10 years the black money generated works out to Rs 6200 crores. No action by central or state government to curb atleast the black money
For the last several years scholarship scheme for poor backward classes remain unimplemented. Crores of rupees sanctioned by the centre remain unspent. Now  students of Ezhava, Nadar and Viswakarma communities are the only catagoy who do not get any financial assistance for educatin. The middle and upper class among them who can afford to give better education to their children are excluded from OBC category. In this circumstance denial of educational assistance to the poor among them is further defeating of reservation. This is in addition to the unreasonable exclusion of creamy layer.
Congress  and communist parties favor reserving seats for women in assembly and parliament elections.  The bill is the outcome of the conspiracy by caste Hindus to retain political power of the country. Once the bill is passed they can field fair coloured  caste Hindu women with media support as candidates and win the seats easily. Initially they can field fllm and T V stars who are already popular. By rotating the constituencies reserved for women they can make it difficult for  political leaders belonging to lower castes to win the elections. These leaders do not have media support. Without media support they become popular in a constituency out of hard work and win elections. As there is no media support their popularity is only local. Once constituency of such a leader is reserved for women it will be difficult for him to win the election from another constituency. This is due to lack of media supoort
During the present LDF rule almost all statutory post like vice chancellors, chief executives were given to caste Hindus.  Only caste hindus were nominated and elected to Rajya Subha. Prakah Karat’s nominees are always caste Hindus. Vice Chancellors of Kerala ,Cochin  M G and Medical universities are from Nair community and that of Canannore University is  an upper caste Christian. Kerala Science and Technology chief is also from Nair community. All Rjya Subha MPs of CPM are also from Nair Community. Things not much different under UDF rule also. The only difference is the upper hand of Christians over Nairs.
In the coming  assembly election in Kerala Dalits and OBCs are sidelined in allotting candidature. UDF allotted only 16 constituencies to Ezhavas is the biggest community in Kearla. Muslims are also sidelined. CPM also sidelined Ezhavas. Dalits and OBC are destined to be voters but not rulers.
For the last several years Kerala government is spending only 30% of the amount allotted in the budget for SC/ST development. The remaining 70% is either spent for other purposes or allowed to lapse as unspent. Even the fund allotted for making houses for poor fisher men are used for other purposes.
Congress and communist prties who lead UDF and LDF are against are against inclusion of cast in the data collected for census . This against the interest of the backward communities who make more than 50% of Indias population.
Both UDF AND LDF governments do lot of corruption with mutual consent and sharing of the booty. A small percent of corruption become known to public because of a few journalists in whom some goodness still remains. A very small percent of corruption cases are charge sheeted because of V S Achuthanandan the lone fighter of corruption in Kerala state. Whenever  one sees a senior politician of the state the first thing that comes to his mind is  “ Here goes a person who is keeping lot of secrete information about corruption and immoral traffic that happened in high places in the state and are happening in the state.”
There is politician- police- mafia (goonda)- media nexus behind the social injustice and corruptio    

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